Daily NAV

1 Day
Setiabudi Dana Pasar UangMoney Market1.272,930.01 %
Setiabudi Dana Obligasi PrimaFixed Income1.383,47-0.05 %
Setiabudi Dana Obligasi UnggulanFixed Income1.315,60-0.27 %
Setiabudi Dana Obligasi PlusFixed Income1.364,660.04 %
Setiabudi Dana Obligasi OptimalFixed Income1.207,910.00 %
Setiabudi Dana Obligasi UltimaFixed Income1.194,96-0.01 %
Setiabudi Dana CampuranBalanced1.019,980.18 %
Setiabudi Dana Kombinasi DinamisBalanced969,090.17 %
Setiabudi Dana Ekuitas AlphaEquity889,490.50 %
*As of 25 February 2021

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  • Our extensive experiences in asset management allow us to source and identify investment opportunities to our clients

  • Our strength lies in our track record in asset management industry

  • We invest alongside our clients

Market Insights

We prepare periodic market update which constitutes major events and economics data released
during the period, and what to watch out for the period that follows

Our Awards & Achievements

Best Money Market Fund Product, 1 Year, AUM > IDR 10 Billion to IDR 100 Billion

Majalah Investor – Infovesta; 2020 Best Mutual Fund Awards
Setiabudi Dana Pasar Uang

Mutual Fund with Predicate “5-Stars” for Performance in 2019

Infobank – PasarDana; 1st Top Mutual Fund Award 2019

Setiabudi Dana Pasar Uang
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